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For Park benches and other out door uses.

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For tree plantings and garden memorials

Pet Memorial Engraving Plates
For picture frames, memory boxes and other indoor uses to remember your pet.

Pet Memorial Garden Stones

Pet Memorial Urns

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Etched Marble




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Sissy Memorial Urn Plate

I had recently lost the best friend I had in the world and it was my little friend Sissy, a little Papillon dog.  I had Sissy for 15 years got her when she was 4 weeks old and she came into my life when I had no one.  We lived together just the 2 of us and Sissy had a heart attack the 15th of Aug and passed away in my arms while looking into my eyes and she cried out load trying to get her last breath.
Well that took a giant toll on me and my relatives said I should have her cremated and have her urn in the house that way she could still be with me in spirit.  So I did and then I wanted a small brass plate with her name on it to put on the urn and ran across Engravecon.Com.  They made me the nicest little plate and I placed it on her urn.  I love it.
Thank you so much.

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In Memory of Cute Dog

In Memory of Cat Looking Up

In Memory of Pet Under Blanket

In Memory of Tiger Cat

In Memory of Pet Puggle



Thank you so much for the prompt delivery in the beautiful plate you  engraved for my precious cat SOLO....it is gorgeous...and thank you...now I have a great keepsake....

Karen Lizzano



Pet Memorial
Engraving Plates

A little engraving plate can go a long ways to remember fond memories of your pet. An engraving plate for a favorite toy, a favorite picture, a scrape book and more will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

Engrave a Drawing of Your Pet's Breed

We can also engrave images of your pets breed on the engraving plate. Or you just want a name and dates - we can do that too.

Check out our stock graphics for your pet's breed. It only cost $5.00 to add an image to your memory plate.

Click Here for Dog Images
Click Here for Cat Images

If you want an image of your pet's likeness, write down the image name and keep it for when you order your engraving plate.

Pet Memory Sayings

Most people want a little saying added to their memory plate like:

"You lift paw prints on my heart. You will be forever loved and missed."

"Most Loved Dog"

"Bringer of Joy"

"Heaven would not be heaven, without my cats to welcome me"

"My friend, my partner, my defender, my dog"

"Unconditional Love"

Maybe you have a favorite saying of your own, we will be happy to engrave that too.

Engraving Metals We Carry

You have a choice of engraving metals to choose from - brass, leaded brass, black brass, nickel silver, and copper. All these choices are so you can match up the right color metal plate with what you are attaching it to.

The Brass, black brass and nickel silver are our best prices engraving plates. The leaded brass and copper are more expensive plates for engraving.

The leaded brass is a softer metal and we can engraved deeper into it. Also when we darken the letters after engraving, the letters are closer to a true black, for the best contrast. We sell a lot of leaded brass to musums to identify artworks and exibits. If you have something elegant you want to remember you pet with, leaded brass would be the best choice.

Copper engraving plates have the same qualities as leaded brass, only the color is more redish. An example of using a copper engraving plate is a photo with a lot of red tones in it. A copper plate on the frame would be the best choice.

Remember your special pet forever.

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