Pet Memorial Outdoor Plates
For Park benches and other out door uses.

Pet Memorial Plaque w/Stake
For tree plantings and garden memorials

Pet Memorial Engraving Plates
For picture frames, memory boxes and other indoor uses to remember your pet.

Pet Memorial Garden Stones

Pet Memorial Urns

Pet Memorial
Etched Marble



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In Memory of Cute Dog

In Memory of Cat Looking Up

In Memory of Pet Under Blanket

In Memory of Tiger Cat

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Metal Photo Plates

Metal Photo Plate

The photo above is a 1.5" x 4". The price includes stock artwork of your breed of your pet - Pet's Name - Dates - and a short message of your choice.

Metal Photo plates are meant to be used out doors on park benches or other outdoor surface. The plate comes with an acrylic double sided tape that can hold up to very high and low tempetatures. The metal can easily be drilled for mounting with screws.

Metal Photo was orginally invented to be used in submarines. The US military needed signage that would stand up to salt water and the harsh environment under water. Metal Photo was the solution.

Today you find this material used to mark trails and identify trees in the forest around the country. It last for decades. Our other engraving plates will only last for about 5 years outside in the elements.

1.5" x 4" Photo Metal Plate $41.00
2" x 5" Photo Metal Plate $45.00
4" x 4" Photo Metal Plate $51.00
Other sized available: Call for a quote.

For an additional $40.00 an actural black and white photograph of you pet can be printed on the plate.

Shipping: $7.00

Available in: Goldtone, Silvertone or bronzetone.

All Included Price

For one price you get a line drawing logo of your breed of dog or cat - your pets name - birth and death dates - and a short saying like:

"Most Loved Dog"

"Bringer of Joy"

"My friend, my partner, my defender, my dog"

"Unconditional Love"

Production time is about two weeks.

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